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Creating Height and Normal details

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Hi there,

I'm moving away from using the Quixel suite as I'm getting a few too many crashes lately and have become increasingly impressed while using a trial of Substance Indie. My question is though, for someone that has relied on using something like NDO to create normal information, how can this workflow be adjusted for working in Substance Painter and Designer?

From what I've seen and read you can paint Height information in Painter which is then converted into a Normal map on export. This is fine and I have no trouble working this way but other than using Alphas as stamps, are there currently any over methods and techniques for fine control over creating Height information. I really liked the ability to create marquee selections, then convert that into a normal, and then be able to control things like the height and smoothness in sliders. I understand that it is a completely different program (especially as it relies heavily on Photoshop) but are there any methods I can utilize in this workflow inside of Substance?



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