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I'm currently in my last year of university and for my final year assignment I will be creating a concept model of how a Formula One car may look in 10 – 20 years time. Using reference images of current and past Formula One Cars as well as any images of future concepts. Part of this assignment requires me to have critique from industry forums, so any and all critique you may have will be appreciated! 

I have already established an Imgur album full of reference images I have gathered, this will be updated as I find new content that is suitable for the project. In the album there are included images of current spec Formula one cars, screen shots and vehicle designs from Wipe out, birds, planes and different aerodynamic shapes.

I have been looking into aero-foil designs as a formula one car is basically an upside down aeroplane in terms of aerodynamics, everything is just flipped to provide down-force instead of lift. The above image demonstrates what wing designs provide the most lift and speed, so I will be incorporating this into my car designs. Using the references I have already designed the front and rear wing of the car. 

Using these I produced the first of my blueprint concept drawings. 
My Lecturer and Project Supervisor suggested that the section where the body of the car blends into the nose was to wide and needed to be skinnier for aero-dynamics. He also pointed out that "Curves doesn't make it futuristic" when referring to the rear wing, so that was made slightly bigger and squared off.
As well as this the FIA are currently planning on introducing closed cockpits to their future car designs. So I have incorporated this into my design, I feel that the canopy will have a small grove running through the centre of it. This (in theory) would help to channel air into the intake that is located just above the drivers head. 

Taking that feed back I went on to finalising the blueprint designs. 

However these Blueprints don't show what I plan to do with the tires, also I have gathered a couple of images that also show of the suspension. The following images are taking from Drive - by Scott Robertson, Daniel Gardener, and Annis Naeem

I really like the way the suspension makes up the wheel rim and would like to implement this into the design. 

Next I decided to have a look at wheel designs. 

I think for my wheel design they will have a closed front, which would help with the cars aero-dynamics. I especially like the second image which has a heavy curve to it with a small rim profile, however the blue accent is to "Tron" so that won't be included.

Almost done I promise. 

Next I started to think about what livery I should do. The livery will be based on the current top teams in formula one as there are the teams most likely to still be competing in 10 to 20 years time.  Those teams are Ferrari, Mercedes, Williams, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Force India and Suber. After looking at current designs I decided to go with a livery design for Ferrari as I find their use of red and white to be very visually striking and it is also the most identifiable livery. I then produced 5 of my own designs, and decided upon this design. 
This design has the most contrast and is the best looking one, so this is the design that I will be using to texture the model.

And Finally 
I have modelled some of the wheel designs that I like in order to get a feel for them. Yet to decide on which one I like the most. I think I may incorporate the two together and see how that works out. 

Right I'm finally done. Sorry about this super long first post as I have already been working on the project for about a month now, so I already had a bit of content to show. Once again any and all critique will be appreciated and I hope that you will enjoy my future posts.  


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