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Asylum Horror Game (UE4)

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here i want to show u our university project and I want to upload updates step by step, to give u the chance to see what we are doing right now. Also I love to read your critics so I can work on these problems to get a better result.

Short presentation of the project:

Like I said before, this is a project of my university. I`m at SAE Insitute in Frankfurt (Germany) and the name of the project is “producers project”. Here we work together with all faculties of the university, so right now we have 2 other artists, 4 coder and also 3 audio students.

The gameplay of our project will be like P.T. or Allision Road, also the assets have to be in this quality.

Because we only have half of a year, there will be no time for many rooms. So we decided to do a level streaming like in the game P.T. or Layers of Fear.

The game will be played in first person mode and on the journey through the asylum there will be many scary moments.

The Game will be in the presence, but the asylum is playing during the second world war. So everything is very rundown. The protagonist (a journalist) is making a story about this place, so he decides to go there at night, like in the movie “grave encounters”.

Task allocation:

I will do the organization for the artist, also I make the whole level design, lighting, environment and some of the props.

The two other artist will make the animations and also the rest of the props.

The Coders will do all functions for this game, also they will make the events.

And the Audio students will handle the musical setting of the game.

Where we are right now:

Since a few weeks I am already in this project, spent a lot time for the organization, asset list and we  also handled the source controls. One of the Coders set up “Perforce” for Unreal, so we can work all at the same time on the project. Also I went to an old asylum to get reference images.

The blockout is already finished and I started to do some things for the environment.

Here are some pictures from where we are right now:

All textures from the ground, wall and ceiling are done with substance designer and setup in unreal with multiple blend layers to get a unique result.

Please give us some critics and suggestions for improvements! This would help us a lot!  


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    praesidenter greentooth
    I guess it's too early to say much, but it looks solid to me and you seem to have a good idea of what you want to achieve.

    Maybe some rooms and the corridor are a bit narrow for a first person experience? Also there are many obstacles where I imagine it could be hard for a player to navigate around them, because there's not much space.
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    yes thats sure, but if there are any helpfull thinks what i can do. i will hear them :D 
    i think perhaps you are right, but i cant test it right now. we will playtest it when we have the right controller. but thanks, i also think that could be a problem. 
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    Storyline Idea:

    An abandoned building with a dark past... The "Pinon Grove" mental asylum in Staunton, Virginia" was established in the late 1800's and was considerd a haven for patients of a fragile mental state. Built to house 800 patients at a time, it fell subject to extreme overcrowding with a peak of over 3,000 residents in 1949. With no place to house the sick and extreme understaffing, patients would be forced to sleep in hallways and on floors and because the sanitary needs of so many patients could not be timely met, sickness spread easily between the patients. These unsanitary conditions and lack of caretakers became worse overtime and it was common that patients that died would not be found for days. With the corpses rotting in forgotten corners amongst the living, the overall mental state of the entire asylum (both staff and patient) was heading in the wrong direction.

    The governing body responsible for Medical and Psychiatric care was all but non existent after the second World War and it was commen practice to experiment "new" and sometimes archaic proceedures on the mentally ill. In the name of science, such cruel acts like Electro Shock, water boarding and Labotomies were caried out without the civil world blinking an eye. The asylum managed to stay out of the headlines until a strain of unexplained disaperences happened in the fall of 1951. A total of 13 people, mostly young men, vanished without a trace. The local law officials had opened an investigation into the matter and after 8 months were unable to find any leads. In the following winter, 13 more patients disapered. The police along with the State were involved this time with the investigation and on December 21, 1953, the body of a Zofia Mora was found in a closed wing of aslylum used previoulsy for Surgeries. Zofia was a polish immigrant that was admitted shortly after arriving in America. After searching her belongings, articles belonging to the the other missing patients were found and she was ultimatel blamed for the deaths of the 26 people. Their bodies were never found.

    With the bad reputation of the murders hanging over the Asylum, the state soon closed it's doors in the summer of 1955. The building began slowly to fall into ruin. Since then, it has become a typical haunt for vandals, ghost hunters, and people seeking a scare.

    In the summer of "...." Pine Grove made the headlines once again after a teenage boy disappeared after going with a group of friends to see the haunted asylum. Toby Pratt and two of his friends entered the area late one night and the two that made it back claimed that something "took" their friend. With no leads for the Police to follow, the investigation and search for Toby is still ongoing. Evan Bowan, reporter for the local newspaper has taken interest in what has happened and has decided to investigate the area personally. The site has been quarentined by the police so he is forced to sneak in after dark.

    After entering the Asylum, he begins to realize that he is not alone. Strange happenings take place and he begins to think that whoever, or whatever it is that's here... want's him dead.

    © Hofmann 2015

    This is written by a member of our Team Aaron Hofmann, he is an audio engineering studient.

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    MaxHoek polycounter lvl 8
    Here are the first props i made in the past days. 
    these are for the character and be used to light up the scene. modelled in 3ds max and textured in substance designer. its nothing special but a good start i think :) i
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