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Mira Nova redesign (criticism and comments welcome)

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So, I saw this Deviantart thing: 

and couldn't resist doing it. She's called Mira Nova from Buzz Lightyear's Warp Command armor (A spin-off from Toy Story, obviously). I did a quick google search for "scifi female warrior" and came up with this:


This is my base design for the armor, I'll be basing my design on this with a little tinge of green and white like the original character's armor design. I did a quick sketch of my interpretation of the armor and made a "Clown" materials plan. 

I'll be updating once I finish the armor base (Will be retopologizing to get it) and other various steps. I'll finish up with the head sculpt and the hair. And of course posing and rendering but that goes without saying. I'll need a lot of help through the process, because though I've tried stuff like this before, I haven't ever finished. Thanks for reading and wish me luck.


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