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Mixamo's Adventure Contest Winners

The results are in! Mixamo's latest 3D character art contest ended last week and the winners have been announced today.

The "Voynich Manuscript" challenge consisted in the following:

1. Modeling a 3D adventurer

2. Using Mixamo's Auto-Rigger and Motion Collection to bring him or her to life

3. Submitting a video and images to showcase the entry

A big thanks to all 150+ participants, to everyone at Polycount, Digital Tutors and Mixamo who helped make this happen. Congratulations to Polycount members LotetTioxic and TeriyakiStyle for making the top 3, and props to everyone who submitted their characters. The quality of entries keep getting more and more amazing with each new contest.

Lotet's "Saving Dad"

Tioxic's "Gora"

TeriyakiStyle's "Tom Linewalker"

Prizes include: Cash, a Mixamo All Access pass, Mixamo credits and Digital Tutor licenses. As always, the Mixamo team will also contact some of the participants to present them with purchase offers in case artists are interested in selling their creation on the site.

Check out the full entries, videos, prizes as well as the runners-up on the contest's landing page, and stay tuned to learn about details for the next contest.




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