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Adventure Character Contest

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cheeseplus admin

The time has arrived for the new character contest from Mixamo and Polycount, and this time the winnings are greater than ever! For the first time we are offering a Mixamo All Access pass in addition to the cash prize, allowing the first place winner to use all of Mixamo’s services for an entire year! On top of that, the good folks at Digital Tutors joined the adventure and are offering subscriptions as additional prizes for the winners:

1st Place: $1000 cash + 1 year subscription to Digital Tutors + 1 Mixamo All Access pass

2nd Place: $500 cash + 6 months subscription to Digital Tutors + 1500 Mixamo credits

3rd Place: $250 cash + 1 month subscription to Digital Tutors + 500 Mixamo credits

Community Favorite: $100 cash + 1 month subscription to Digital Tutors + 200 Mixamo credits

Here's how it goes:


Step 1: Register to get free access to Mixamo's tech for your entry and create your WIP thread right here on Polycount

Step 2: Model a 3D adventure-themed character

Step 3: Auto-Rig and animate it in seconds on Mixamo

Step 4: Submit it for a chance to win

Get started and create your WIP thread!


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