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Dota 2 Polycount Contest Winners - Day 3

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adam polycounter lvl 18

Right on schedule *record scratch* Valve has released the Day 3 Winners for the Dota 2 Polycount Contest -- this time announcing four winners instead of three. We now know 10 of the 11 contest winners, with tomorrow bringing the announcement of the Grand Winner!

For full details on the 4 winners, along with Valve's critiques & reasoning for the winning choices, head on over to the Dota 2 Blog.


  • Clyptic
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    Clyptic polycounter lvl 6
    Congrats, but wtf...valve has some poor taste. These sets are well done, but my god were there some far more "epic" sets. Very lame ending to a really awesome contest imo. (Not bashing the winners at all, they did a good job) But there is good and then there is amazing...only about 5 of the winners hit the amazing mark.
  • Hawt Koffee
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    Hawt Koffee polycounter lvl 13
    That's quite a rude thing to admit clyptic, I think they're all rather excellent choices regardless. Congratulations to all the winners so far!
  • Lam
    Hate to be the asshole to point this out, but I laughed a bit at "Dazzle" set for Tribal Priest sheen it should be "Tribal Priest" set for Dazzle. Anyway, congrats winners!
  • Welbig
    Is there any way we could get feedback from Valve on their thoughts on our sets? There must have been some documentation they passed around for each one. Not only would it help us but it would help all of us to produce better results next time. They gave great feedback already but having some specific examples would go a very long way. Even if we were given more specific reasons they chose one set for a hero over another set would help. I know they gave some already but it was pretty generalized. Thanks again for the great contest. Also can we get some feedback on what you want done for heroes that recently had their colors changed? Has there been a thread about this already?
  • Clyptic
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    Clyptic polycounter lvl 6
    ^ Along the lines of what Welbig said. I am more interested in why many were not chosen that the ones that were chosen.
  • PoPcorn
    Valve have mentioned in their posts that some of the entries had an overabundance of detail in small areas and Not taking advantage of value gradients that could enhance a hero’s readability.

    I'd imagine some of those "Epic" sets may have had those problems.

    I know I am one of the winners and this may sound biased, but I think Valve made some very good choices for winners. There were over 100 entries and only 11 places, some of the favourites were always going to miss out.

    Congrats to the other winners, I look forward to seeing the grand champion tomorrow!
  • Robbiek1000
    Congrats to everyone that has won so far.....I'm still in shock that I am among the few amazing entries that were picked. I must admit I did shed a few tears of joy. I've never won anything like this before. Above all else it feels amazing to be recognized!
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 18
    So. Bets on the overall winner then? The odds on Anuxinamun's centaur sets must be pretty good at this point.
  • Anuxinamoon
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    Anuxinamoon polycounter lvl 14
    So much Congrats to today winners! Loved all your sets!

    As for the finalist? It's a tossup between rider of the storm and warlock me thinks :)
  • Clyptic
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    Clyptic polycounter lvl 6
    ^The fact that one of those sets is not a winner really surprises me.
  • Kraken
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    Kraken interpolator
    Congrats to everyone who won! That was a good contest and we all got valuable experience.
  • Tickwomp
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    Tickwomp polycounter lvl 7
    Congrats to day 3 winners!

    Either way, I think the really epic sets will end up in the game anyways. I'm betting on Storm Rider as the last winner but who knows...
  • Gareth_Thomas
    Oooweee... sounds like a little bit of sour grapes in the first few posts there.
    I'm throwing my hat in for the Grand winner tomorrow. Either Phantom Lancer/Ancestor's Pride or Lone Druid/Vicous Krait.
    I know Rider of the Storm is right up there but i wanted to go with submissions that were a little less obvious. Can't wait to see who the big winner is tomorrow. Congrats to the latest 4 winners great work guys. :D
  • TheDude537
    Man, I thought I was dying to see who the Grand Final winner was yesterday ... almost there!

    Congrats to the new 4!
  • AlanSMitchell
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    AlanSMitchell polycounter lvl 12
    It's been said before but congrats to everyone that won and everyone who participated!
  • LuCh!
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    LuCh! polycounter lvl 5
    congratz to todays winners, awesome sets!
    and to join in on the discussion, detail and readability is probably the problem with the epic sets,
    to look kicking ass awesome in their presentation bc it's up close with high res textures,
    but for Valve it's probably more important how they read in action!

    anyway, only grand winner left on my list is the Rider of the Storm,
    but since Valve is keeping this very exciting and surprising, who knows!
    can't wait, that's for sure!
  • Spudnik
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    Spudnik polycounter lvl 11
    I gotta agree, I'm a bit surprised about those picks. Don't get me wrong, all of these sets are fucking amazing and deserve to be in the game asap, but as somebody mentioned, there's only one more winner slot left and so many awesome sets that just won't win at all. Personally I would have expected to have the Rider of the Storm and Archivist's Armor Warlock sets both dwarf almost all other submissions, and then there's the smaller sets that are also fantastic like Legacy of the Ancient Gods and Ancestor's Pride for PL, the Hare Hunt set for Sniper, the Nephropid set for Broodmother, Mesolite set for Venomancer and especially the Regalia of the Forgotten King.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the winners didn't deserve to win, it's just that there is so many other awesome sets that deserve at least equal recognition. Congratulations to all the winners and I'm gonna be on the edge of my seat for the grand winner tomorrow!
  • Beats
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    Beats polycounter lvl 11
    Congratz to all the winners! A lot of creativity and hard work from everyone. Interesting show down for the grand winner.
  • Lennyagony
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    Lennyagony polycounter lvl 13
    Congratulations to all the winners so far, really looking forward to giving some of your items a run in game :).

    And really pleased to see valve making such a strong statement about what they want to see submitted to the workshop. Will be a big help moving forward with future workshop items.
  • Nix
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    Nix polycounter lvl 12
    Actually, I for one am kind of glad we're seeing the strong designs win over the "epic" sets. Proves a point, I think.
  • bugball
    Thank you guys so much, Don't know why the shadows of the portait are so bugged, also I couldn't upload the high poly lod of the head, already wrote a message to valve to fix it.

    Again thanks you guys and thanks to valve!
  • JacqueChoi
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    JacqueChoi polycounter
    Gratz to the winners! I think they're fantastic selections.

    As for the winners, something that's really hard to guage is how these sets look and work in the game while interacting with the other characters, spells, animation and collision etc. There isn't a simple 1-solution fits all type scenario. Until you can play the character within the context of the game to get a sense of which one enhances the gameplay experience.

    There's also been a very steady 'rhythm' of detail and accentuation of the silhouettes and readability the winners all seem to uniformly have.

    There's going to be a LOT if conflicting opinions on these selections. Heck, the most popularly voted pieces and sets have been notable omissions. But Valve has also stated they will likely make it into the game eventually (maybe a future 'PolyPack 2 kinda thing).


    Be happy for the winners. They put a lot of hard work into their entries, and Valve was awesome enough to even create a game that gives an opportunity like this.
  • TheQiwiMan
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    TheQiwiMan polycounter lvl 12
    ^^ this ^^

    Well said JacqueChoi!

    Congrats to the day 3 winners, very inspirational stuff! Well done! :D
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum polycounter lvl 9
    Congrats to all the winners. I believe they are all strong choices and well deserved.
  • Welbig
    I must say though there is something to be said for posting in game shots of your sets. There are some great sets but there is so much photoshop work done in the marketing images that everyone should know they wont look that way in game. I wish it had been a requirement to get shots in game of the full set. Sets that look great with high rez images get plenty of votes with all their detail but none of those voters have any idea of how it looks in game. Anyway that is my two cents. Grats to all the winners and best of luck to everyone in the running for the final spot. There are so many great entries anyone would have a hard time picking just 11 sets to win. To be honest I half expected valve to expand the number of winners beyond 11.
  • Kalknaro
    Congrats to all the winners. Awesome designs, and very well deserved :)
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