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PEN MaxScript for Beginners

PEN (Paul Neale) is doing another Master Class, this time about Max Script for beginners.

I have taken two of Paul's classes and they have been great, very helpful. They are packed full of useful tips and tricks and he does a phenomenal job of explaining complex things.

I can also attest to the power of maxscript, I'm not a programing wizard but I've managed to learn enough maxscript for it to become insanely helpful in my day to day work. I think its something that every 3D artist should learn because it frees you up to do so much more and just makes max easier to use by letting you customize it more than usual.

I really wish when I was starting out I could have taken a class like this and picked the brain of a master like Paul, it probably would have shaved a few weeks off of the learning period. If it's something that interests you, or something you've thought about getting around to but haven't known where to start this is probably as good as any place to start.


Max Script 101 is an introduction to using Max Script in production. This class is for students that have not yet learned Max Script and are interested in adding it to their production tool set.

Max Script is a powerful and versatile tool in 3DS Max and when used effectively can speed production workflow's and add tools that are not available in 3DS Max. Custom tools will help artists work faster by giving them shortcuts and methods of working that are specific to their needs.

Max script isn't just for technical artists, it is a simple and easy language that can be used by any artist to enhance tools and add speed to complex tasks.

Students taking this class should have Max experience but don't need any experience with coding in any language.



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