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Moving Day

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cheeseplus admin

We're all moved! A huge amount of thanks to Vito for hosting us all these years.

Tonight at around 10pm CST the site will come down while we move to new servers.

For many years, practically time immemorial in internet years, the site has lived on hosts provided by our good friend Vito. After last year's relaunch though, it was clear that we would need to move out as we were terrible neighbors. We would get slammed with traffic by Valve or Kotaku, slowing any other co-hosted services down along with us.

If everything goes perfectly then this will be rather transparent - at least once the end-user's DNS is updated.

(For those curious, we are moving our hosting to Linode. They are a great VPS hosting service that gives you a ridiculous amount of configuration options. If you're a Linux nerd then I highly recommend checking them out.)



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