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Polycount at Magfest 2012

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r13 founder

It's about a month and a half away before the start of Magfest, the gaming and music festival, in Washington DC, which I will be attending to give a Polycount themed talk. It will surely be a geeky discussion. They have also promised me a TF2 panel.  Which with some of the other registered attendees, such as the Announcer from TF2, should also be an interesting bit of fun. Any TF2 contributors would be welcomed, nay, encouraged to come and give their stories as well.

Beyond that, there is 4 days full of all things nerdy. [Can you say superartfight?] We'd love to see a healthy Polycounter presence there. Just think you could listen to me for days while I tell you dreamy stories about Adam and Kub. :D


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