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Toronto IGDA Talk by Adam Bromell

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As some of you may know, Adam Bromell recently did a talk at the IGDA Toronto meeting about what it is to be a Video Game Artist, titled "More Than Pushing Polys".


On October 20th, 2011, Principal Editor, Adam Bromell was the guest speaker at the Toronto IGDA October Meeting and he gave an interesting talk on what it is to be a Video Game Artist. Like many of you, I wasn't able to attend and was pleased to see that the talk was recorded and has now been made available for everyone to watch online.

The talk covers quite a few aspects of becoming and being a Video Game Artist, what it entails, how to keep motivated, how to progress as an artist and keep yourself and your skills up to current standards, where to begin and great general advice on the industry all from his own perspective. He also mentions Polycount. A lot. Publicity whore!

I personally found the talk interesting and inspiring, and it gave me some insight to a different way of thinking when approaching my own art work and when looking for work. So I highly recommend this to anyone interested in becoming a Video Game Artist and it's also very relevant to current industry professionals as well.

The talk is about 1 hour and 10 minutes in length (including the QA section). Enjoy.



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