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New Master Classes at Gnomon

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r13 founder

The Gnomon School has announced their master classes for this upcoming December.

If you aren't familiar with their Master Classes, they are a bit more than a tutorial DVD; in content and price. It's 2 weeks of 2 hour sessions, that's 28 hours, of instruction time with the instructors. Also the level of topics are also well beyond the entry level, hence the name 'Master'. You are going to need to jump to their site for all the specifics but here's the class list to get you started:

  • Concept Design: From Abstraction to Production with Aaron Limonick
  • Making Archetype: The Short Film with Aaron Sims
  • 3D Character Texturing and Enhancement in NUKE with Alex Cancado
  • High Dynamic Range Imaging for Live Action Visual Effects with Phil Holland
  • Environment Sculpting with David Lesperance
  • Stylized Visual Effects Animation with Slim Ghariani
  • Efficient Cinematic Lighting with Jeremy Vickery
  • Combat Animation for Games with Bruno Velazquez
  • Illustration for Entertainment: Pitching with Pictures with Cameron Davis
  • Creating Highly Realistic Composites with Rob Nederhorst
  • Advanced Visual Effects Techniques for Production with Wayne Hollingsworth
  • Character Modeling and Texturing with Mark DeDecker




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