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F.3.A.R. Exis Art Dump

PeterK from Exis Entertainment posted some of the work they did for Day 1 Studios. Weapons, Vehicles, Characters, Mechs, really good stuff!

The PeterK's boys over at Exis have been busting their nuts working on some amazing stuff and now you get to see some of it. Awesome stuff guys!

Be sure to check out the rest of this fantastic art dump here:



  • aajohnny
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    aajohnny polycounter lvl 9
    I just played F.3.A.R and it was awesome, then I came across his thread, and went back to playing to see all the stuff he made in game... awesome stuff!
  • VidGameDude
    Kinda rude calling it dump art hunh?
    i mean, dump is technically just to throw on a site to show casual updates of little less than normal quality work and insure those who are watching know your still alive. Now i don't want to get in an argument but these don't really qualify as Dump art from the way it being quite exceptional. But this is all my perspective seeing how i do it from time to time on deviantart *lame*

  • Mark Dygert
    I think it really depends on how you read the word dump.
    "I just shat out a bunch of crap!"(slightly more modern use of the word)
    OR "I just dumped a bunch of Legos on the floor" (how it was meant)

    Considering PeterK used the term in his thread title and a bunch of other people do the same thing, I think it's ok... Would you rather I use:
    "whoring out art for money, then beating it senselessly when it fails to deliver?" ie: Art Pimp.

    lol it's weird what people consider politically correct... Meh... we should all get back to makin and talkin about art and concentrate less about the correctness of meaningless words, yea?
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