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Angry Birds Live

T-Mobile set up a live version of Angry Birds for people in Barcelona to play with.


I really don't see what everyone else sees when they look at this game and think its amazing, but I have to admit, this is pretty cool.


  • Scizz
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    Scizz polycounter lvl 10
    yea this game really blew up. i dont get it either.
  • Piesandbombs
    Who can tell. Something about mindless entertainment seems to catch people's eye. I personally find it ridiculously uninteresting, but hey, this is pretty neat - though it looks staged to an extreme.
  • Alberto Rdrgz
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    Alberto Rdrgz polycounter lvl 9
    WHY is this game so popular.... i'm really concerned for people. lol
  • adam
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    adam polycounter lvl 16
    It's colorful, funny at times, light-hearted and can be challenging.

    What's so confusing here?
  • Daven
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    Daven greentooth
    It's a perfectly marketable experience for public gaming. Simple characters, simple rules and instructions, and destruction with a humorous, innocent twist. It's a simple twist on an old concept and people just seem to love it. It also helps if you've played the game.
  • A-N-P
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    A-N-P polycounter lvl 6
    Heh, that's awesome stuff, would love a go of that!

    I also love Angry Birds and agree with adam and suburbbum!
  • Mark Dygert
    I wouldn't be surprised if every launch was staged and every person working the controller was an actor (especially the slick looking guy who failed to launch), but it's pretty cool.

    Getting back to the game, I've played it quite a bit, I like it, I just don't understand its popularity. To me it seems like a lot of people have been introduced to a simple physics based puzzle game for the first time. It also highlights how utterly capitalistic the app stores are when something like this game is as popular as it is.
  • dogzer
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    dogzer polycounter lvl 8
    So is this for real or is it a commercial?... looks like a commercial to me

    I don't like it. j/k

    it's hilarious!
  • Mark Dygert
    A co worker of mine pointed out this is like a higher production verison of Connan's Angry Bird stunt.
  • Oniram
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    Oniram polycounter lvl 13
    i just dont like how this game pretty much 100% ripped off Crush the Castle.. and now its more successful.
  • jimmypopali
    Funny how it got all the right speeds and timing. Commercial or not, that was pretty good.
  • HitmonInfinity
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    HitmonInfinity polycounter lvl 7
    I finally downloaded angry birds last week. I've played it almost 10 hours so far, and I'm not even half way through the levels. It's just a perfect way to waste time when you're bored. Strangely enough, bustin' up cute little pigs and their structures is really addicting.
  • Jae
    We're used to hardcore games on consoles and PC and such, so it's understandable why people would question this game. Truth is, it's a game for EVERYONE. It's so fun and easy but hard at the same time. It makes you think and as simple as the game seems, it's built with some complex physics mechanics. As good of a game it is to pass time, it's even good to sit at home and just play it. I find myself doing that, so does my family. It's just overall a good game and a commercial success. People like it for the same reason they liked Super Mario Bros.; It's fun.

    About the video, that looks extremely fun! Although it's obviously a commercial. Otherwise they probably wouldn't have edited it like that. I do love the video though, it's awesome. :D
  • Vailias
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    Vailias polycounter lvl 16
    [quote=mark] To me it seems like a lot of people have been introduced to a simple physics based puzzle game for the first time. [/quote]

    Why yes that could be exactly what's happened.

    @oniram: Yeah it is a direct gameplay copy, the difference is tone and scope. Angry Birds is cutsie, on a mobile platform, and cheaper than the full version of CtC.

    This happens in many industries, especially creative ones. Sometimes the remix or cover is more popular than the original. The base ideas are good, but sometimes its the right flavor that catches the masses. Think quickly who originated the songs: Breadfan, Plateau, and Love Rollercoaster? (and I'm sure more that I can't recall right this second)

    The one's most likely to spring to mind are Metallica, Nirvana, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but those are all covers. The originators are Budgie, The Meat Puppets, and The Ohio Players
  • Cody
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    Cody polycounter lvl 14
    No one is going to mention how much of this is CG? Or am I way off?
  • malcolm
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    malcolm Polycount Sponsor
    Is this 3D or real? It looks real, but surely those birds exploding are 3d?
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