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ReCap is back after a long break, and even if the Brawl slowed us down a bit it didn't stop you guys from cranking out some amazing art.It's not Friday true, but this is long overdue. This ReCap spans the last two weeks that Marine has been trawling the forum and gathering links. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting buddy EVERYONE appreciates your hard work!


Now onto the amazing art!

JeremyRM's bust study, from "London After Midnight".

tacit math's musings...

sneakymcfox posted a contest entry he has been working on.

Nick Carver has been showing off some of his vehicle concepts.

Massbot's WIP is coming along great.

airage's awesome painting.

ceebee + 11k tris + Pantera + Killswitch = wow...

SyaPed posted this great WIP, reminds me of Moon (the movie), Soviet Russia and the Tau from 40k.

blitz's croc thing, AO and Normals won't go to waste here!

Sure we've seen a few squid faced sculpts over the last few years but what about FAT_CAP's pirate with a what!? On his, where?

spitty cranked out a bust based off of a Paul Bonner painting.

When Dreamer isn't busy trying to keep his avatar from turning back into a ball sack, he's working on stuff like this. Seriously, thanks for settling in and cranking out the great art buddy.

Brian "BoBo_the_seal" Jones has posted some killer stuff, I starred at this, all weekend...

MDSchee posted a giant art dump of his latest work on Rift.

Firebat's Dragon Shield sculpt is amazing.

Dan! is working on a metal gear, trevor claxton, manga ect... inspired character and its looking great.

jmiles's Pan playing a violin.

juju's quick sculpt based on a concept by Ani.

You can help Marine (and us) out by sending us links to things you find jaw dropping, even if it's your own stuff let us know, rock the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page to submit news and links. Most of the time we're pretty busy and we're split between maintaining the site, our full time jobs and our personal projects. Its hard to find time to open every thread you guys post so any help we can get, is much appreciated.

Thanks again Marine for making the recaps possible you rock!


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