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Marcus Fenix, caught in a moment of thought

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r13 founder

Epic Games is pimping off their Gears of War 3 flavored Marcus Fenix statute. They have a gallery up of various beauty shots of Mr. Fenix, both with the lights off and on, that you are probably gonna wanna check out as well. The various details on the statue's construction are also posted:

A few months ago, Rob and Drew from TriForce dropped by to show us their latest creation, a stunning Marcus Fenix statue. We were blown away. The statue was designed by Epic Games Art Director Chris Perna, and hand-painted by the artists at TriForce. Epic Games Senior Artist, Bill Green, brought the statue to life in the following photographs. Bill captured the amazing details and lifelike qualities of the piece, right down to the glow of the shoulder and back armor.


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