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Blur re-releases Python Plug-in for Max/XSI

Warning! Incoming tech heavy talk!

Blur studios have been known for their awesome work and for releasing some awesome scripts

I'll let r_fletch_r explain it:

"After a long downtime, Blur have re uploaded their Python plugin for Max/XSI.

This is awesome as not only can you access the whole maxscript API from python but the reverse is also available.

Say you want to do some work with regular expressions in mxs

re = python.import "re"

or perhaps you want to make some nice UI's (PANTS EXPLOSION!)

qt = python.import "PyQt4"

That's pretty neat but what's most awesome is python integration in max.
Not only can you run python code but you also get a IDE for developing within max called BlurIDE.

Heres to praying that this becomes a standard component of Max like PyMel has in maya."

If you have no clue what this is, you'll more than likely benefit from the advancements this brings in the coming months and years... sit back leave the wizards to their work and reap the reward.


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