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UDK, March Beta released

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Epic has released the March Beta for the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) today. It contains the technical updates seen in the Samaritan demo from GDC.

Click on through for details on this massive UDK update.

On March 9th 2010 Epic released the March beta for the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). Inside this update are all the technical improvements seen in their GDC demo, Samaritan.

Grab the March beta here.

The new features in this demo include:

  • Adaptive Bokeh Depth of Field
  • Dynamically shadowed image-based reflections
  • The ability to scale effects with view size.
  • The ability to used tiled normals on fluid surfaces and any material was added.
  • Unreal Landscape - Unreal's new terrain tool (support for Z-Brush-style painting)
  • Support for tablet sensitivities
  • Option to auto-update weightmap mipmaps
  • Perlin Noise in the Noise tool
  • Support for thermal and hydraulic erosion
  • DX11 renderer support in the editor
  • Image reflections are now toggleable via Unreal Matinee.
  • The checkerboard background in the texture properties window can be toggled through a toolbar option.
  • Importing morph targets from FBX files now uses multi-threading to speed up the importing process.
  • The FBX importer now supports importing lightmap UVs from FBX meshes that have more than one UV set.
  • The error reporting when loading packages and maps that have missing objects has been improved.
  • Matinee now supports jumping on the visibility interp track.
  • Double-clicking anim notifies within animations focus shifts and expands the notify in the properties panel.

Click here for the full list of updates and changes.


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