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Just a small note to let everyone know we've updated our Rules post in the Forum to reflect our stance on Piracy discussions here at Polycount.

Piracy is one of those elephants in the room we face daily in our industry. And as such, we understand your want or need to discuss it amongst your peers. However, both out of respect for our industry & jobs, and to cover our own asses, we may not allow such threads to be active within the Polycount Forum.

However, Polycount.com will not support the 'for' argument of Piracy, and since there's two sides to this coin in every discussion, we may close threads from here on out about Piracy within videogames. It's a topic that's come up a hundred times already in the past, so for now please search our Forum's history to see previous discussions. Depending on where the discussion goes, we will keep the threads active but typically it becomes a 'for' or 'against' discussion, which we will not support.

We absolutely hate barring discussion topics as we feel everyone has a right to discuss what they like when it comes to videogames and videogame art but we cannot let Polycount be a place for such discussions to take place. Please keep this in mind the next time you have the urge to bring up Piracy within the Polycount Forum.

Our update rule on Piracy states:

Polycount does not condone piracy nor do we allow links to pirated games or software. We understand the piracy discussion, however Polycount will not be used as a platform for speaking out in favor of piracy, thus threads centering around piracy may be removed/deleted.

Thank you!

-Adam & the Polycount Crew


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