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What made for a boring week of hardly any news ended up being a badass week of art for you guys. There's a crazy amount of awesomeness in this recap, 100% Polycount.


Yeesh, what a slow week. All of our editors - who are working professionals in the game industry - have had super busy work weeks. That, in addition to a slow news on the tech side of things - made for a rather slow drip on news this week. Luckily, though, the opposite happened within the Polycount Forum. Here now is a rundown of all great drops that happened courtesy of the recap master Marine.

Also, what're your thoughts on adding music to these posts? Last week I tossed up some tunes and it seemed to be received pretty well. Let me know what you guys think of the idea and we can hit up some next week if its a go!



Firebat hit a huge one out of the park with his Hell-sword. Not only is it a great sculpt, but he has TWO making-of videos for you to devour. Head on in for the goods.


Swedes man, what can't they do? Kotter, a rather new member to Polycount (2009!) brings the goods.




Have you heard of environment artist Scott Homer before? Probably not. He's a newbie to the idea of environment art but you wouldn't ever know it having just seen his demo reel. What a trip! I love seeing junior's with a showing like this.


Say it with me now: Casual vagina wedgie. See also: Cammy! Great work ikosan.


Crazyfool? More like crazytalentedfool am I right? Nice! I love the layered clothing in this character. Found in the WAYWO 2011 thread.


I am posting this for one reason and one reason only: Ankle exhaust pipes. (Kidding! Cool character concept HntrLuc!) Found in the WAYWO 2011 thread.


Grenade launchers with lasers on them have no place here. No wait, they have all the room they want. Great colours and fun design by moof. Found in the WAYWO 2011 thread.


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