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Things have been happening on the internets. I know, right?! Look!

Read about things of interest and view pictures of stuff after the jump.


Jeroen Maton Talks Environments With NGHS

Who or what is NGHS, you say? That's Next Gen Hard Surface, kids. They've sat down and interviewed Jeroen Maton, an environment artist at DICE who you've probably heard of before because he does cool arts and puts them in environments. So he knows what he's talking about.

He has been working on the multiplayer maps for Medal of Honor, so that explains the above image. There's more (and higher-res, although inexplicably un-clickable) images in the interview thread, go and take a look!


Dante's Inferno Sculpts on ZBrushCentral

Everyone's favourite long-named digital sculptor, Alessandro Baldasseroni (aka "eklettica") has uploaded some new images of his ZBrush work on Dante's Inferno for EA. He's also got some other unrelated sculpts which are all pretty nicely executed and well-presented, if you go and check out his whole thread.

One word of warning, there is giant uncensored monster wang in that link, so make sure there's nobody around to think you're really weird when looking at it.


Classic Interior renderings on CGTalk

Marcin "Neb" Jastrzebski has put together a nice set of renders for a classic interior scene which is pretty detailed and clean. I like all the close-up shots and the various effects he uses to make the renders seem more realistic.

It's quite interesting to note the software he used, too - Modo for modelling, Cinema4D for scene setup and FryRender for the final rendering. He also ran stuff through Photoshop, but who doesn't these days? Either way, it's pretty impressive stuff, makes me wanna get better at rendering.


His Face All Red

OK, so this isn't game art news, but a friend of mine linked this the other day and I thought it was really stylish and cool. Maybe you will too?

It's a short graphic story (or comic, if you will) called "His Face All Red", illustrated by Emily Carroll.


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Also, just a disclaimer, the author of this post was MoP, not adam! Don't believe the credit!

Ninja edit, "NGHS" used to say "NJHS" because I let adam write that bit, and we all know what he's like... well spotted, Sean_EG!


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