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A Giant Monday Refresher

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It's Monday, the work week is beginning, and everyone could use some eyeball massaging.

Read on, fearless Polycounter!

Parallel Parking

The roadkill make me laugh out loud, but I'm showing this off for its subtlety. Aspects of its visual style reminded me of one of the runner ups for the Beat-'em-up contest - Skeptical Nate and Keen's

[vimeo clip_id="14592941" height="" width="650"]


Call of Duty: Black Ops

I really dig how Activision handles their Call of Duty promotions. The last few trailers they've put out for the series have had a Hollywood movie feel, which bleeds well with the feeling the series can give. This is another one of those trailers.


The '2028 Russia' project on Polycount

trainfender and friends have been cooking up a small project revolving around a future Russia. The environment work he's shown off so far has been great and sent straight to my inspiration folder.


A Small Michal Lisowski Art Blast

Lisowski's portfolio is so well rounded, there's content in there for everyone.


And one more blast, this time from Maciej Kuciara

If you haven't seen the work Kuciara can do with a loose brush, then get ready for an injection of inspiration.


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