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UDK October 2010 released

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Epic released their October UDK Beta so head on in for all the juicy details. This one is a doozy!

Epic's October UDK Beta is out and there is a plethora of updates. Check out the release note for full details, or skim what we've pasted for you below. If it has features you're after, head on over to their download page and grab it.


  • Foliage volumes and terrain foliage were removed.
  • There is a new adjustable tonemapper with a more linear curve.
  • ImageGrain and Color LUT (ColorGrading) in Post-Processing can now be used even without a tonemapper.


Motion Blur

  • MotionBlurSkinning has been improved both in terms of memory footprint and performance.
  • Skeletal meshes now support per-bone motion blur.  This motion blur is dependent on bone movement, on a per-bone basis.

More information: http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/MotionBlur.html



  • Tool tips for shortcut keys are now displayed for the main toolbar buttons.
  • Support for creating new subtractive levels was removed.
  • It’s now possible to cancel the autosave process in-editor by hitting Esc.
  • Perspective viewports now default to real time. Disable this via preferences.
  • WASD keys controlling movement can now be used without holding right mouse.
  • There are new hotkeys for hiding actors:
    • H: Hides the selected actors.
    • Shift+H: Hides the unselected actors.
    • Ctrl+H: Unhides all the actors.
  • Unlock and show mouse cursor while in PIE or PIV using Shift+F1.
  • The PIE and PIV icons are now more distinct.
  • A separate 'Play' menu has been created; the 'Play Level' button has been moved to this new menu.
  • The ability to visualize static mesh edges has been added to the static mesh editor.
  • The ability to accidentally right-click or middle-click on transform gizmos has been removed.
  • Mesh painting has been improved:
    • The mesh paint tool now supports flood fill.
    • The mesh paint tool can now push vertex color from an instance to the mesh.
    • The mesh paint tool now supports multi-select.
  • This build includes code to fix up static mesh objects with zero triangle elements.
    • Map check warnings indicating StaticMeshes with zero triangle element can be fixed in the static mesh editor using the 'Mesh --> Remove elements with zero triangles' option.
    • Map check warnings indicating StaticMesh instances that contain mismatches between their materials override array and the source mesh elements.


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