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CGHUB's Warrior Challenge + free Mudbox trial

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On Friday last week CGHUB launched their latest challenge titled 'Warriors', which is a sculpting challenge with a great bonus to all entrants.

More info after the jump.



The contest is a sculpting challenge, which all entrants are required to use Mudbox exclusively for sculpting, painting and rendering of their entries for the duration of the contest (base meshes can be created within another package).

Hold on... Wait. Did you say that you can only use Mudbox? But I don't own Mudbox! The contest is three months long and I can only get a 30-day trial! What a sham this is!

Well kids, this is where it gets interesting. Autodesk are releasing a special 3 month trial version of Mudbox for this event and it is available to everyone! Yes, even your grandma!


You can download your free trial of Mudbox from the Autodesk website and then grab your special 3 month serial from CGHUB and enjoy your extended trial of Mudbox. Seeing as they were so kind as to organise this for you, what better way to get your skills up by entering their challenge as well.

Looking forward to seeing some Mudbox sculpts appear in Pimping & Previews.


Special thanks to FIrebert for the PM about this.


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