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Friday Forum Re-Cap

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There has been a tremendous amount of great work posted all through Polycount this week, so this re-cap is dedicated solely to the art of Polycount.
The author and links to the threads/posts are below each thumbnail.



Pimping & Previews

We'll kick things off by wandering over to the Pimping & Previews forum, where there are a bunch of great work in progress threads and art dumps from both new, old and previously featured artists.

If you don't have too much time in the day to keep track of what is happening in this forum, then here are a few highlight items for you.


art by struve - Batman

art by scotthomer - Humvee WIP

art by trainfender - 2028 Russia (level design, models etc)

art by haikai - "Botler" - diffuse painted robot

art by Racer445 - Starcraft inspired ship


What Are You Working On Thread

It's been a long while since we featured this thread, and it's a damn shame too because it's the thread that sees some amazing work by the talented Polycount community. Each page is chock full of eye candy and if there's one thread on the entire boards that you should visit, it's definitely this one!

Don't be shy to post what YOU are working on.


art by kite212 - WAYWO Thread

art by TelekineticFrog - WAYWO Thread

art by nrek - WAYWO Thread

art by tottarie - WAYWO Thread

art by fsnake - WAYWO Thread

art by Warhawk - WAYWO Thread

art by Goraaz - WAYWO Thread

art by neox - WAYWO Thread


Contest & Challenges - Beat Em Up Challenge

The Beat Em Up Challenge is drawing to a close and there are some seriously strong and impressive entries. This should make for an interesting finish.


art by Kysterama - Beat-Em-Up Challenge

art by Zack Fowler - Beat-Em-Up Challenge

art by ParoXum - Beat-Em-Up Challenge

art by cholden - Beat-Em-Up Challenge


Well that's it from us, have a great weekend and see you next week.


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