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So it's Tuesday, and there are some things you should see. Things that will get you a head in life. AHAHA.

Find out what they are (and what the pun was for), after the jump...



Well, for starters there's this demo reel that Jelmer Boskma has put together for 2010. He used to be cool... he used to be a Polycounter... but he deserted us for the movie industry and the big-name fame of ZBrushCentral! Pfft. :)

Fortunately, he still knows how to make good art...

[vimeo clip_id="15318607" height="" width="640"]


Get A Head In Life

Also, the kind people over at Infinite Realities have released a 3D head scan. It's got textures, displacement maps, ZBrush tools and OBJ files - the whole shebang! Go and do silly things with it!


Some people have already done some fairly cool test renders, like Cédric Lepiller here...


That's all for today, I'm afraid. Stay tuned throughout the week, Polycount is the place to be, you know!


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