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Marmoset Toolbag Contest

8monkey Labs and Cgtuts+ are hosting a contest to give away three full licenses of Marmoset Toolbag, plus they're soliciting your suggestions for new features.

Jump right in there and show us the Polycount juice!

8monkey Labs are running a contest to help introduce the commercial release of Marmoset Toolbag. This is your chance to snatch up a full license, just by showing off your hottest work!



How to Win

The basic idea is to create the absolute coolest-looking screenshot or animation, using the features available in the evaluation version. Then post your results here on the Cgtuts+ site. You can even use the built-in models that come with Toolbag. The aim is to simply wow them with how great the render is.

Vrav's Fish in Marmoset Toolbag


How to Win, Polycount Style

But of course this is Polycount, we know you guys & gals have no shortage of awesome models to pimp. Remember it's all about how perfect Toolbag is at rendering, so pimp out those shaders!

The idea is simply to create the sexiest render or animation that is humanly possible with Toolbag. If anyone's up to it, it has to be the community here at Polycount!

Vahl's Ibuki rendered in Marmoset Toolbag


Fishlist... err Wishlist

Jeff from 8monkey Labs is also asking for your wishlist items. What cool features would you love to see added to Toolbag? Some of the latest ideas floating around:

  • Video capture
  • Customizable skin shader
  • Custom bokeh shapes
  • 3D stereo rendering
  • Depth blurred shadows
  • Multiple models at once
  • Modulated vertex blending
  • Chromatic aberration (image heheh)
  • Cook-Torrance shader
  • And many many many more...

Get over to the Polycount thread and make your wishes known!


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