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Sculptris Creator Joins Pixologic

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Many of you may be familiar with the free dynamic sculpting application, Sculptris.

The author of Sculptris, Tomas Pettersson, has joined the ranks of the Pixologic development team!

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So, over on ZBrushCentral, the Pixologic crew have just announced that the author of Sculptris, Tomas Petterson, is making the move from Sweden to California, to swell the ranks of their crazy tools programmers.

Hopefully this will mean that Tomas' simple and user-friendly approach can be applied to the more complex aspects of the ZBrush workflow!



In case you're not familiar with Sculptris, here's a screenshot showing a wireframe of the dynamically-subdivided triangulated meshes it generates.

While it might look odd, it's pretty powerful to work with, and you don't even have to think about subdivision since the "Detail" slider of the brush will automatically add more geometry as it's needed.

It also means you can do stuff like pull out large sections of geometry without having to retopologise in order to maintain the mesh integrity. It makes rapid concept evolution into a pretty cool exercise!



Now that Pixologic have consumed Tomas, they're releasing the current 1.02 version, rebranded as "Sculptris Alpha 5". Hopefully this will mean they continue development of Sculptris as a cheap, fast and fun sculpting application which will open the world of digital sculpting up to even more artists.

Oh yeah, and ZBrush 4 will be coming along in a month... I will be keeping an eye on that.


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