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TexTools 4: Update Time!

Our very own renderhjs has plunked down another inspiring update to TexTools, his grand opus set of UV and texturing tools for 3ds Max.

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Hendrik-Jan 'renderhjs' Schoenmaker has done it once again. He keeps improving his slew of free texturing tools for 3ds Max, and the thankful hordes keep thanking him, thankfully.

If you haven't seen TexTools yet, it's a MAXScript package for 3ds Max 9+ with a UI modeled after the Photoshop toolbar.

As renderhjs says, "One of the key benefits is that you can install it anywhere and almost at any max packages (9+) without the need of administrative rights or script installation knowledge." Great for students and pros alike.

Not only is it a comprehensive and totally free set of tools, but he actively encourages others to modify and improve on it with their own additions, to share or not.

A brief summary of the major improvements this time around:

  1. Displays better with 2010+ dark themes.
  2. More support for the clipboard, the Save As dialog, Apply as Material, etc.
  3. New worn map bake type, inspired by this Polycount thread.
  4. New vertex color transfer script.
  5. Complete rewrite of the Checker map tool.
  6. Improved 'linear' alignment tool.
  7. New space evenly tool.

See the complete details here on Polycount, or on his TexTools website!


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