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Human Topology, MatCaps into Blender

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A couple of great things happening in the 3D game art community today!

  • GameArtisan's has a great thread on male/female topology.
  • Eat3D has a great, FREE, video for ZBrush to Blender shennanigans.

Click on through for full details.

Over at GameArtisans there's a wonderful thread started by Mrpearlzildjian about creating topology for male & female characters. If you're just getting in to 3D videogame art and have started thinking about creating efficient, effective topology for your meshes this thread would be a good place to start.


How's this for a treat? Eat3D has a wonderful - and FREE - video up about bringing your ZBrush MatCaps in to Blender. For all you Blender artists out there, this one will be especially useful.


How are the blender tools these days? That's one 3D app I've never checked out. Maybe I should! Pros? Cons?

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