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Jonathan Hardesty takes a photo of his drawing for over 9 Years

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littleclaude quad damage
Jonathan Hardesty's 9 Year Journey From Novice To Master Painter

It's pretty epic so I thought I would share.



  • claydough
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    claydough polycounter lvl 10
    talent = interest!

    In college I have seen students with no drawing desire or ability who were forced to fulfill the class requirements ( jewlry, printmaking etc... ) that under the right Professor ( namely my chief mentor Mark Karnes @ MICA ) reached this level of talent from the same immature base within 1 semester!

    Made obvious the only downside I see from being self taught?
    Learning to see honestly and to be able to critically access ones work can progress in an amazingly short amount of time under the mentor-ship of a dedicated amazing teacher.

    After witnessing such metamorphosis I would never assume anyone could not become amazing at drawing if they at least put in an honest effort.
  • Segreto
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    Segreto Polycount Sponsor
    I remember following this guys thread over at conceptart.org ages ago... It was an inspiration to see someone change their skill so dramatically over time.

    Here's a link to it if you're curious: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php/870-Journey-of-an-Absolute-Rookie-Paintings-and-Sketches
  • PollySong
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    PollySong polycounter lvl 14
    Interesting. I had a classmate when I was about 16-18 that just couldn't draw and didn't make any noticeable progress despite drawing 24/7, but when I found him om facebook 10 years later he was incredible. He apparently didn't give up.

    On a sidenote: Hardesty didn't change his beard, haircut or glasses for nine years?
  • MM
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    MM polycounter lvl 16
    PollySong wrote: »
    On a sidenote: Hardesty didn't change his beard, haircut or glasses for nine years?

    sure he did. before he had very short hair, less beard on the sides and oval glass frames. now he has not so short hair, lot more beard and rectangular glass frames. also look at his latest photo from his website.
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