RGCA - Best character animation - lucifersam02

Hello again !

This is my second participation to the contest (you can see my first one over here : http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=152411 ). THis time, I'm gonna try myself into the character animation.

This is the model I'll use :

That's right, a sweet xenomorph extract from Alien Colonials marines.
I don't know where this will go yet, but I'm betting on something cute looking, inspired by a dog or something.

But since it's really tight with the deadline, I don't have time to think, so it's gonna be hard, but hopefully cool !


  • AndrePeisker
    Cool, i hope you make it :thumbup:
  • lucifersam02
    Pose to pose (very quick !)

    It started with some monsters animal moves, but then I realized... a minute is pretty damn long ! This is when it started to lead to some cartoony moves, it will be really random in the end :D

  • lucifersam02

    Finished approximately the pose to pose (was lacking imaginations at the end), and started deblocking it. Hopefully will be finish in time !

  • lucifersam02

    Deblocking is done, some little details to correct, but due to the deadline getting closer really fast, I had to make some sacrifice :P Oh and the mouth and the backspine need to be animated as well !

  • lucifersam02

    Final product :
  • ThePoetTrees
    Wonderful characterisation! I really love the humour.

    By coincidence, I did an alien as a dog too, but mine's only in it for a few seconds as part of a larger scene where he's on a leash in a main street with Preddie taking him for a walk, so completely different.

    Did you keyframe it all in iClone, or use mocap?

    And what lighting settings did you use? It's really soft and lovely, but hard to tell if it's Indigo or just iC6 native rendering perhaps...?
  • lucifersam02
    thanks !

    This was done with 3ds max, and there is no mocap, it's entirely keyframing animation ^^
  • ThePoetTrees
    Ahhh, wonderful!!.. That explains it. 3DSMax is still way over my head as a newbie, so I just converted the alien spine to "non-standard" for iClone and tweaked their standard dog motions to make it a bit more cartoony. But the time and effort that you've put into your alien really shines. It looks so polished!

    Will you be making the motions available for sale/give away after the closing date? Or do you have a store with any other motions like this?

  • lucifersam02
    Never thought about give away or selling my motions before, I might start thinking about it ! :D

    In the meantime, there you have a green screen version free to use, if people feels creative about it :
  • ThePoetTrees
    THANK YOU!!!!...

    And if you'd like to sell/share your motions, please consider the iClone "Content Store" or "City Marketplace" which seems to convert nearly all motions so they can work automatically in their Crazytalk 2D Software as well (and can be exported to any other software through 3DXchange)...?

    It *seems* easy enough to set up a store, although I'm still in the process of learning how to upload some of the best props and motions that I made for this competition too... (Daleks, etc)... and the only store link I can find for new members is the "City marketplace":

    Here is the link in case you are interested:

    In the forums, I've seen some members say that the City Marketplace pays a higher royalty (if you choose to set a price for your assets), but buyers need to buy "points first" and the inventory lists only keep records for each item for a year... while the Content Store lets anybody access free content or pay in cash, it has an inventory that seems to stay current for much longer (if buyers lose anything and need to re-download) and their "downloader ap" seems to work more efficiently.

    Personally, I prefer the Content Store, so that's where I'd like to set up a shop to give away all the best props, avatars and motions that I made for this competition after the deadline, but I'm not sure if you need to be popular in the city marketplace first. So if you go this way, and find a link with more info, can you please share it with me too if possible?
  • lucifersam02
    wow ! thanks for those info ! I'll check it up and see what I can do !
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