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TF2 Taunts, SFM, some questions

I have some technical questions about making taunt in tf from SFM:

1. The problem is when I add the sound from tf2 library into SFM, it plays correctly, but after importing a taunt to the tf2 importer, it doesn't, it imports without sound. So how can i add sound to my taunt?

Also I've seen taunts with a lot random sounds in one taunt. How to do that?

2. How to make taunt for all classes? Should I make one taunt for each class separately or is it possible to make one template to apply it for all the classes with some corrections if needed?

3. Should I export animation from sfm as "Taunt animation", or "Animation" and continue exporting manually with blender & Notepad++?

Thanks for help!
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