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[Paid] Contractor Position - 3D Generalist for Advertising Videos using UE4

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Hello all!

The Voice advertising agency, located in Fairfield, Connecticut, is looking for a 3D generalist to assist with creating two video advertisements for a business-to-business software tax company. 3D modeling and animation experience are required (path constraints, transformations, simple character animations, etc.)

Art style is established in a low poly, illustrated style that embraces geometric forms and solid shapes of color rather than the usage of hand-painted textures.

http://turnislefthome.com/206630/2454078/3d-work-client/sncf-dfi-ingnieurs-2-%28engineers-challenge-2%29 provides an example of a style similar to what we're looking for.

3D Studio Max or Maya and Unreal Engine 4 experience is preferred. Final scenes with animations will be put together into Unreal Engine 4 using Matinee for the camera work and rendering, which will then be brought into a video editing program such as AfterEffects or Premiere to be synched up to a voice over and music for the finished video.

This individual MUST have their own computer or laptop with required 3D software installed, and will work as a 1099 contractor. Please provide examples of your recent work, explain your experience, and be specific with your availability when answering this ad.

In order to contact us, please send your information, portfolio samples, and any inquiries related to the job to [email protected]


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    Just a heads up for you guys, we've been getting a lot of awesome applicants who do amazing work in the modeling department, but we're looking for someone who can do a mixture of both.

    I'm not directly in charge of who the agency ultimately hires but it should help your chances a lot if you have a nice sample or two of animation provided as well. (And vice-versa for those who are sendng animation reels.)

    I can tell you that the agency is looking for someone whose both independent and able to work as a team on the creative ideation process.

    This may also help you out a bit to give you a clearer idea of the project, it was the first video created in a series that we're doing, where I was responsible for the storyboard, modeling, rigging/animating, lighting, cameras, rendering, and the final editing together with the voice over and script. (I didn't do the voice over, script, or create the music, although I was part of the creative discussion and storyboarding while the script was being written): [ame]

    Anyways best of luck everybody, thanks for sending in your applications! :)
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