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Importing issues - Possibly rigging related

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CharlieBaxter polycounter lvl 2
I am using softimage Mod Tool.

I have been making my way through the process of creating a hat for tf2 for the first time and have come across plenty of problems, but this is the first one I have not been able to solve through research.
I have managed to reach the stage of importing my hat into tf2 using the Workshop importing tool inside of Team Fortress 2 but have hit a snag. When I selected to see a preview of my hat on the pyro (the class its for)The hat is not correctly sitting on his head - see link for image -


I tried using the tool StudioDecompiler to allow me to get the pyro model so i could rig the hat to the bip_head bone but it had errors and left me with an smd file that had only the bones, so because the model's mesh hadn't been decompiled for some reason I can't properly place my hat before rigging it.

From the picture above what I did was create a bone and place it in the hat calling it "bip_head" as a substitute since couldn't get proper bone. I think this caused the problem.

Please, if anyone has advice or can give me a solution, I would really appreciate it!

for anyone interested this is what the hat looks like properly, side and front view respectively:


Thanks for reading this :poly122:


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