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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 36 (Community-made weapons and helmets)

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Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 9


New set of community-made Weapons and Helmets

Shark Tooth, a replacement for the Short Spear

Chicken Set, a Mason Knight set that replaces the Bearded Axe

Ornamental Set, an Agatha Knight set that replaces the Longsword

Styrian, A replacement for the Longsword

The Kin Slayer, a replacement for the Broadsword

Renaissance Rapier, a replacement for the Norse Sword

Willbreaker, a replacement for the Greatsword.

Shattered Star, a replacement for the Spear

So grats to those creators who got their items in! we really appreciate you guys' hard work and we hope to add more in the future!


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