Mega Man X Props, Tiles and Modules

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Hello everyone :)

I am starting a thread of props, tiles and modules based on the Mega Man X franchise. Here are some of my primary goals:

1) A much higher level of detail and believability in my models. Here is what I'm shooting for:

2) Better material definition (this is always in the list of goals for me). I'm using primarily Substance Painter.

3) To focus on quality over quantity. I want to nail down the best small pieces I can before moving on.

Here's the first post:


As you can see it's currently in a very simple state, looking mostly like the X4-X6 design. I want to take this as far as I can and anime style models don't typically impress with their believability without stylized textures. At any point in this thread I'm open to all crits about designing hard surface objects and what I can do to improve what I have. Thanks!


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