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Marwan polycounter lvl 5
Hi guys !

First of all, sorry if my english is not perfect. And this is my first post on polycount.

I'm a Student in a french school in Paris called LISAA. I'm learning 3d since the start of the school year (end September), and I really love this so much !

Sorry if I didn't post my scene before, I didn't know if I had to post it because I have already almost finished it. But it would be sad to miss some critics :D

Soft used :
- 3ds max
- Substance Designer
- Substance Painter (just for one asset)
- Xnormal (when I couldn't do some maps on Substance Designer)
- Unreal Engine 4

This are the references :


This was my first Blockout, but I changed many things after.


And an ambiance test with the first speakers I did at the begining.


Here is the first Sound System which has lots of tris and the texture resolution is high (I agree ...) but I used it many times in my scene.


I'll come soon to continue this thread :)


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