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3D Artist with 12 years experience.

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I'm an indie Unity3D game developer, I spent part of my time working on my own games, and the rest doing freelance job.

I've been work in game industry for 12 years, I do both Art and C# Scripting, Which makes me have better understanding on both side, If you happen to need both artist and UnityProgrammer, Then hire me will be more effective! If you only need one role, It’s fine with me.

I've been doing outsourcing for years, owns an outsourcing company before, But at the end, I found I still love to make games myself. Those experience makes me passional, effective, responsible and easy to work with.

What I can do for you

- Entire 2D/3D game develop with Unity3D
- 3D low poly game art
- 3D nexgen game art
- 3D pre-render game art
- 3D high poly cinematic models/materials/textures
- Unity3D C# scripts

A iOS game I made all by myself: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id844074972
My LinkedIn profile: cn.linkedin.com/in/blakeseow/
Mobygames profile: http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,129768/
And You can view my art works in real-time on Sketchfab.com:

Contact info:
E-mail/ Skype: blake_seow@hotmail.com


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