Sketchbook: DerRazputin

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CharacterCarl polycounter lvl 4

Practising sculpting and working on my anatomy. Currently, it takes way too long for me to push my stuff through the 'awkward'-phase, so one of my main goals is to get faster. Also full-body stuff, so I get used to working in poses. Even when I'm drawing or even thinking about characters I sometimes go into T-Pose, so this should be good exercise. :D

Please, feel free to criticise anything!


Photo reference was used
This was just before merging + retopo.




Used a sculpture by Eric Michael Wilson as reference.

This one got out of hand as a result of insufficient planning and the complexity of the pose. Didn't take the time to sculpt a base and do retopology, so I actually ended up sculpting the whole guy with DynaMesh and no symmetry mostly (except head), doing retopo in the end and stitching his individual bodyparts back together to avoid merging the wrong parts. Time would've been better spent working on the back anatomy.


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