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My first Hat

Hey everyone, so a little back story first. I went to uni a few years ago and got a degree in game art (3D) and we used 3DS Max. Since finishing Uni... I could never afford 3DS Max and then getting a job and growing up etc getting my first Home. I never got a job in 3D and this has bothered me since leaving Uni.

So three years later, Im now wanting to start to get back into 3D and push for my actual dream of becoming a game developer. I still can't afford a Full License for 3DS Max however I found out about Maya LT and this has really helped on the affordability side of things. Its a whole new bit of software to learn, I was quite comfortable with 3DS Max so Im basically starting from scratch but using knowledge on how to do things I previously learned.

Ok so hopefully I haven't bored you and your still here, so I thought a good project for me to work on was something simple and fun just to get to grips with the basics. I decided to create a Hat for Team Fortress 2.

So here is my Hat


and here it is submitted to the steam workshop


I was a bit worried about posting this here, its nothing compared to what you guys are producing so this probably looks lame to most, but I enjoyed myself and just wanted to see if I have done alright.


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