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garcellano greentooth

Original Post 2/15/15

So, here’s my concept of the scene that I’m planning to make for the Polycount Tower project. Ever since it was announced, I was thinking about making a hand-painted scene. Around that time, I started playing WWE Immortals, a mobile game with a fighting style similar to MK & Injustice: Gods Among Us, using a bunch of WWE wrestlers. The game is pretty fun, but the art style and the paintings on the loading screens are what grabbed my attention the most. I thought about creating a scene based off of WWE Immortals would be fun to do.

I’m going for a hand-painted style look, might just use diffuse only. It’ll eventually be trimmed down to fit on sketchfab, and that’s able to follow the guidelines of the room for the Polycount Tower. As far as the modeling, it might be too details, since most of the detail would be through the textures. I’ll be using Photoshop, and either Substance Painter and/or Zbrush’s polypaint. I’m hoping this would be a fun project to do as I’ll be working on this here and there on my free time.


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