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Mason Knight Half Crescent Helmet Saracen Set

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Hello again, been awhile since i have posted anything. But,been wanting to make a complete set,along with spare time, have compelled me to start on the helmet of this Helmet/Messer set for Mason.

The idea behind the set is to give the Mason Knight, a look is made up of looted enemy gear,taken from a once dead desert warrior. The set will look decidedly non European and give the Mason Knight, a more exotic/far away look. Since the Masons was the faction that went on a crusade in the dessert, the Saracen looking set for this faction seems appropriate.

The sword, a 2 handed Damascus steel scimitar is ready.....


So the next thing is the helmet, which is inspire by the Mamluk Turk helmet,used by their fighters.


So I did a few rough concepts for it but then found out the MAA had a similar helmet already made..


So,to make it different and more sturdy/bulky looking, Ive played with the proportions a bit,to give the helmet a thicker look.


This is my progress so far on the high poly,will post more updates as they are forthcoming :)



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