Next-Gen Jak (WIP)

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Hi all!

I was recently inspired by the scrapped Jak 4 concepts in Naughty Dog's artbook, and decided to have a go at making a model of him (and possibly Daxter?) in my minuscule spare time.

I'm using this concept as a rough guide, although adapting it slighting as there were some features I wasn't really a fan of such as the face and the hair (this concept isn't mine, photo taken from the Naughty Dog art book):


WIP shots:

Forgive the horrendous draw-over hah.

My original base sculpt which is going to be chopped apart eventually, still want to fix things such as the lack of tailbone on the spine however

I don't have a tonne of experience modelling and sculpting clothes, so this should be a fun challenge! I attended a 1 hour web seminar with the Lead Character Artist at Naughty Dog, Frank Tzeng, last night which was super useful.

I'll keep this thread updated with progress (it'll be extremely slow :<)


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