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Hello Polycount.

I've been wanting to model a Lambo for a while now, so to start 2015 I will be making a Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo race car:


My free time is fairly limited, so it will probably take me a while. I am aiming for sim spec, which means it will have a fully modeled interior, engine, suspension etc.

I have been working mainly on the base mesh for the exterior. I modeled this by making very low poly sections, turbosmoothing them via smoothing group, and connecting them together. The hood vents and other details will be added after the various exterior components have been seperated out, and given a final smooth and optimization pass. This is what I have so far (red meshes are some block-out elements I made so I knew what I was doing).

Software used is 3DS Max 2013




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