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Still a work in progress title, but after looking at the Lego treehouse I got for Christmas and seeing the competition, I decided it would be fun to make the throne room for a kids tree house! I'm not sure yet if the throne will belong to a boy or girl, or even just to leave that up to the viewer since that will highly reflect the items in the room.

I put together a couple reference just to get my idea down, but still have some thinking to do about the idea and execution.


I will be going for a stylized look, where the throne and room are made from toys, or things stolen from the kids house (blankets, wood boards, some tools). The main challenge will be how I decide to showcase that it is indeed in a tree...and complete accompanying foliage in general as I need some more practice with that. My second idea was to have the same idea but on a playground - though that environment would be much larger since it's all outside.

I'm excited about this one! I'll be working on some concepts and posting them hopefully soon!

Edit: Programs I'll be using:
Marmoset2/Possibly UE4
Substance Designer/Painter


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    Update! Here is another reference board I put together with a few more ideas, and some quickly done thumbnails/concepts to try and get a feel for where I wanted to go.

    Still haven't decided 100% what the throne will be - actual furniture placed precariously on top of a pile of books/milk crates stacked up to create layers/faux chair made from boxes and lots of pillows? That will take some more concept.

    For the rest of the room the plan is to make the throne room double as the main control center of the treehouse - or the "war room". There will be a giant table in the middle with a map of the neighborhood so they can plan pranks/attacks - an armory of kid made weapons/items, as well as lots of snacks. I also think it would be cool to show possibly a zip line or pulley system by one of the windows.

    More ideas to follow, as well as a blockout soon hopefully!


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    Lilith Polycount Sponsor
    That is a really cool idea! Throne made of scrap sounds nice, but I think it will work out with actual armchair too, like in your "scale" ref, it looks cool.
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    Sorry for the lack of response Lilith! Thank you for your input.

    Well this contest has come and gone so fast and as it does life has gotten in the way a little bit. There's a pretty low chance I'll be able to finish by the deadline, but let's see how far we get.

    I had a lot of trouble deciding what kind of "stuff" should be in the room, and that definitely didn't help my motivation to keep working. Here are some new blockouts though with some different zone ideas I have, as well as my current idea for the throne!

    I think I'll focus on the throne first since it will be the main set piece. If you have any comments or anything I'd be happy to hear them! :)

    Main layout

    Birds eye view

    Bunk area

    Gaming/lounge area

    "Weapon" rack and snack storage

    View from room entrance

    Throne closeup
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