Trouble opening some .tbscene files

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My home laptop sometimes struggles to open previously saved scenes. Sometimes it just crashes, and sometimes it will open, but...

The first time this happened, I had just assumed Toolbag had crashed due to having lots of high poly objects in the scene (I had saved it off at work and re-opened it on my laptop), but the second time it opened for a second, let me move some things around and navigate, before going like this again. This is a few more times down the track, but a few of these scenes haven't even been that heavy. Could having too many textures or separate meshes cause something like this?

I can save, open, import, etc when it's like this, but it crashes when I try to open a new project using the keyboard shortcut.

Toolbag also crashed and locked up my comp while was writing this post, but I had tried to open a 350mb scene to test this and I'm honestly surprised my laptop didn't catch fire haha;

Thanks in advance-- not necessarily looking for solutions, but I'd like to know the reason behind this one. Getting a little irritating to have to set up the same scene so many times, and it would be good if there was just a best practice to avoid this happening.


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