Vertex alpha and vertex colour help.

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FemCharles greentooth

Not to sure if this question has been asked but does Marmoset toolbag 2 support vertex alpha and vertex colour?

Im exporting my meshes as obj (tried fbx too) from maya into Marmoset. I see there is a shader for vertex colour and a tick box for vertex alpha but they don't appear to be working. My meshes are there as normal.

Any ideas?


  • almighty_gir
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    almighty_gir polycounter
    Hi there!

    We do support vertex colour and vertex alpha, HOWEVER - not all .obj exporters export this information in the same way. We designed our .obj reader to read zbrush .obj files as this seemed like the most common format.

    The downside to this, is that it may not (like in your case) work with other .obj exports.

    This is something we'd like to support better though, so i'll forward this on to the rest of the team.

    In the meantime, .PLY support is planned for the next release (as long as i don't fall behind), and that will globally have vertex color and alpha, regardless of the source of the .PLY format as there are no variances in .PLY files.
  • FemCharles
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    FemCharles greentooth
    Thanks for the reply!

    Yeah that's a shame. It would be a nice update to add to marmoset!
  • EarthQuake
    Actually, as far as I know, we support standard vertex information exported out of apps like Maya as well, its just that we had to do some additional work to support zBrush's vertex color information, which is saved in a non-standard way (as comments in the file).

    AFAIK most OBJ exporters do not support vertex colors, so definitely use FBX. If you can get us a file we'll be happy to debug it for you.
  • Chubbydan
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    Chubbydan polycounter lvl 11

    Could you offer some more information relating to which marmoset shader to use in Unity for vertex alpha please?

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