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[Riot Art Contest] - Stanislav Valov

Update to the first post so the most important stuff stays on top. Tried to finish everything off a 2 days before the deadline in case anything bad happened. Here's a link to the final submission - https://vimeo.com/114838163

Pyroclasm: Dg0Jao2.jpg

Flash Frost: XMSAhCy.jpg

I want to give this a shot and create some awesome effects for the game! I'm working on Anivia's [Q] Flash Frost and Brand's ultimate Pyroclasm.

This is my current progress. I'm using After Effects with various plugins (Videocopilot Element, Optical Flares, Trapcode Particular) to make the effects.



These are the initial versions, although they're missing wind-up and impact animations. Having played this game for years, I want to give some of the old school characters some love, but also stay true to the original animations.

The satisfaction that comes with landing these successfully, even though the other team is most likely trying to kill you quickly, is what is driving me to work on these spells.

More updates to come!


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