Majora's Mask Remix

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The Vman polycounter lvl 3
Did this for a class, the assignment was to take an existing IP and put a new twist on it. I chose to do a 19th century take on Majora's Mask. I'm still trying to improve my painting skills so any critique would be appreciated!



  • hamstocks
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    hamstocks polycounter lvl 5
    That is so sick!!! I love the moon in the background, and how link looks especially
  • looprix
  • Mik2121
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    Mik2121 polycounter lvl 9
    Looking good, but Link's leg position feel a bit awkward, he would probably fall backwards if he were to stand like that. His costume is neat though!
    Also maybe make the clock tower face a bit more to the left rather than so straight?
  • Aliraza21
    JamesArk - Thanks for the compliment! Glad you liked the process vid too.

    Ged - Thanks! I have a long way to go from even getting it close to Drew's amazing work. I've learned so much on this one that I'm very anxious to dig into the next one for the sequel
  • AstroCubit
    Looks awesome. Were I making recommendations, I would learn to mess with depth of field (focus based on distance) to help separate your distances. Also, you might want to vignette your sword wielding figure for your values to make him stand out more -- because he's the character we're experiencing this through (or so I would guess). So aside from the monster, who stands out beautifully, you could do something like put a splash or a steamy bit of breath or fog or something between the sword guy and the buildings. Another trick you could do would be to light him with a light of a different type/color like a bounce light off the water or the creature to emphasize the contour on his shadowy leading edge to make him pop some.

    Bottom line is you want to lead the eye of the viewer like you would create a sentence were you to tell this story in one sentence. (eg. The dragon crashes into the scene up of the river and a lone hero, light saber in hand stand against it.) You would want to show the viewer those things happening roughly in that order. All else in the scene are adjectives, except maybe the moon which I don't know if it's a story point or just a cool image.

    Anyway, this is great. Exciting.
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